The DJ

Ann Sychterz

Ann began swing dancing in 2008 in Waterloo, Canada (not far from Toronto) and now lives in the US. Since getting her first songs, she has DJed in her home scenes including the one she founded in Switzerland called Swingtime Lausanne. She has had the fortune of playing swing jazz including head and competition DJ for events around the world. Digging through old stuff and new (soft spot for the original stuff), small group to big band to Newport, North American and European, she aims to create an atmosphere worthy of creativity and playing around with the dance. 

Ann will be DJ'ing during the Saturday Social band breaks, Late Night Dance, and the Sunday band breaks!

The Bands


Josh Baumgartner

Band Leader


Josh Baumgartner has been passionate about music from a young age. One of his earliest memories is of his great uncles playing guitar and singing around a campfire, which sparked a love for music. Josh started playing music when he was only eight years old, and has since dedicated himself to bettering his craft as a musician.

He studied saxophone under the guidance of Dr. Randall Smith and José Zayas-Cabán, who helped shape his technique and work ethic. In 2016, Josh moved to Saint Louis and has been actively performing in the local music scene since.

That same year, he joined Sweetie and The Toothaches, where he plays tenor sax and arranges songs for the group. His work with Sweetie and The Toothaches has further honed his skills and expanded his musical repertoire. Additionally, Josh has played in several other notable bands, including The Arcadia Dance Orchestra, Annie and the Fur Trappers, Lioness, and Saints in the City, showcasing his versatility and broad musical range.


Ken Cebrian

Band Leader


Chicago native Ken Cebrian is a mechanical engineer by degree, but moonlights as a jazz trumpeter.  He attended Northwestern University and played in the NU Jazz Ensemble under the direction of Victor Goines.  After graduating, he founded and led the Magnolia Jass Band, exploring early jazz and swing.  To further his understanding of early jazz, he attended The Welbourne Jazz and Dance Camp for two summers studying under the direction of New Orleans’ Ben Polcer.  He and his wife, Jenni Bevell, moved to St. Louis in 2016.  Soon thereafter, he became acquainted with the many swing bands in town.

Ken’s main musical project is playing trumpet with Miss Jubilee And The Yas Yas Boys.  He has had the pleasure to play at various jazz festivals, swing dance events, and listening concerts with Miss Jubilee. You can hear him on Miss Jubilee’s “Throw Me In The Alley” and “Cool It If You Can” albums.  He also plays regularly for the Arcadia Dance Orchestra and occasionally with Sweetie And The Toothaches and The Gaslight Squares.

Ken draws inspiration from early jazz greats like Louis Armstrong, Red Nichols, Bubber Miley, Muggsy Spanier, and Wingy Manone.  He loves old blues, traditional jazz, and swing music equally.  Ken’s favorite aspects of trumpet playing are holding down steady melodies, improvising solos, and backing up vocalists with lots of inflections.  Ken also enjoys singing and playing tenor banjo.